One-off Manufacturing

The basic concept of "One off Manufacturing" is the "self contained" team work for the typical manufacturing work flow; such as design, development, milling, machining, grinding, wire EDM, heat treat, finishing process, and inspections.

We take pride in our system of "One-off Manufacturing", a concept designed by technicians based on the origins of manufacturing. However, relying simply on the installation of the latest machines and the utilization of excellent techniques is a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. It is of even greater importance to provide services that take consideration the customer's perspective. Honeston would like to work together with our customers as a reliable partner, able to see both the trees and the forest.

Basic work flow from design to final inspection

  1. Design and Development

    We have systematized our facilities using the most recent technology/equipment as well as skilled teams to achieve consistent quality and innovative technical support.

  2. Lathe work, Milling, Grinding and Wire EDM

    Presicion surface roughness down to several microns can be achieved through high speed cutting tools and grinding tools.

  3. Heat Treat and Finish Process

    High quality finish is always ensured through the appropriate use of machining or hand work and same day service may be available depending on the tool types. Honeston operates as a versatile manufacturer with various types of tools which require constant upgrading to meet the current demands of the customer.

  4. Final Inspection

    All details go through a thorough final inspection process to make sure the parts are made to the spec.

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